The Millennials


I love the idea of documenting a particular moment or idea in time. For me, social documentary is photographing with the intent to show someone a unique perspective and preserve that moment for prosperity. When tasked with creating a portfolio centered around a theme I chose to document my generation; the millennials.

Millennials are people born between the early 1980’s and early 2000’s. When you google ‘millennials’ you will yield a mix of results; some definitions and research on the cohort and many opinion pieces written by both fellow millennials and previous generations. According to previous generations, we are a generation defined by entitlement and laziness. We grew up being told we can be whatever we want when we grow up, and that participation trophies are just as good as 1st place. According to our own generation we are screwed.


Millennials singlehandedly ruined our own ability to own a home by eating avocado toast, and insist on challenging the gender and sexuality binaries in an attempt to confuse those older than us. It’s safe to say we are given a bad reputation, especially with our parents’ generation. I am here to dispel these claims and show hard working, dynamic, educated, resourceful young people who are making waves and defying these stereotypes.

This project has led me to meet inspiring young people who are writers, photographers, teachers, students, athletes, actors, food service workers, community organizers, the list could go on. We are a diverse group but we have one commonality; we are not defined by negative perceptions of us and we actively attempt to challenge those notions.

I can’t wait to grow this series and continue to document this unique and beautiful group of people in the hopes that one day when people think of the word millennial they will think of resiliency and strength.