Radical Softness

I began a new series, inspired by Radical Softness, this past week that I would love to share with you! It is about my own experiences as a woman and feminist.


The term Radical Softness was coined by artist Lora Mathis, and means embracing emotional vulnerabilities as valid in order break down the idea that being emotional means being weak. Femininity is often equated with being emotional, polite and nurturing. It is important to see that not everyone who identifies with femininity carry these characteristics, but even more important to recognize that those who do should be valued in the same way.

I am an emotional person and it can sometimes feel like my opinions get dismissed because of it. Having and expressing emotion, and being logical are not mutually exclusive though sometimes people treat others like it is. For me, this series is about finding strength in the softness of our souls and embracing the idea we are multifaceted beings with many traits that shape us.

The first series of portraits from this project feature a very strong friend with flowers. I’m excited to continue this series and continue to embrace the softness in my subjects and in myself in the hope I will find strength.